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This film features the following action:

  • Cuckolding
  • Hot Sex
  • Bondage of the husband – handcuffed to a chair and forced to watch
  • Small dick humiliation
  • Chastity Device
  • Husband giving wife money for her date
  • REAL Cream Pie and REAL Cream Pie eating
  • Sissy feminization
  • Facesitting
  • Ass Worship
  • Pussy licking and worship
  • Verbal Humiliation
  • Whipping
  • Husband cleaning the kitchen while she is out on a date
  • Bull / lover humiliation of husband
  • POV Ass and pussy worship scene
  • Pregnancy fantasy where wife gets pregnant by lover and husband has to raise the baby

Starring Mistress Lauren Phoenix , Frank Towers
and Tommie Twist

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This DVD has Full Motion Menu's

Approx. running time: 75 minutes

Please note this video is different from our other videos. Read the description thoroughly.

This video is 75 minutes long with and the sex scene alone is 60 minutes long with a variety of positions and longer positions (reverse cowgirl, doggy style position) followed by a 15 minute scene in the beginning of the movie filled with TONS OF HUMILIATION and new additional scenes and themes.

The first 15 minutes include the following action:

• Husband talks wife into having sex with another man.

• Chastity Device – Lauren locks her husband’s cock inside a steel chastity device totally denying him any pleasure while he watches!

• Feminization and sissy humiliation – Husband has to wear purple lingerie for wife.

• Human Furniture – Lauren sits on her husband like a chair while she puts makeup on and talks about how she is going to fuck her lover.

• Tease and Denial – Lauren teases the husband with her pussy and ass before she goes out on a date.

• Husband gives wife some money for her date.

• Husband cleans the kitchen while she is on her date.

• Hot Blowjob Humiliation scene – Lauren makes her husband watch on his knees in front of her sucking her lover’s cock and humiliates him with her lover.

• Husband serves them drinks and prepares the bed for them.

The following scenes comprise the next 60 minutes of the movie:

• Husband prepares Lauren’s pussy for her lover – Lauren makes her husband lick her pussy to get it wet for her lovers cock.

• Body Worship – Lauren forces husband to worship her feet, tits and ass while she is getting fucked.

• Verbal Humiliation – Lauren REPEATEDLY tells her husband “His cock is so much better than yours” and “He fucks me so much better than you” while she is getting fucked.

• Lauren riding cock – Lauren rides her lover’s cock while husband is forced to watch and worship her ass and pussy

• Bondage of the husband – handcuffed to a chair and forced to watch them having sex.

• Cumshot – Frank comes deep in Lauren’s pussy and on it.

• POV Creampie scene – Lauren makes YOU suck it out of her pussy and then her husband! REAL CREAMPIE! NO TRICK EDITING OR FAKE CUM!

• Facesitting, Smothering and Ass worship – Lauren totally smothers her husband with her gorgeous ass and pussy.

• Pregnancy humiliation – Lauren and Frank both talk about her getting pregnant from Frank and he has to raise the kid.

• POV Verbal humiliation – While Lauren is getting fucked she is looking into the camera calling YOU a small dick sissy loser who can’t please her and how much better her lover’s cock is.

Lauren Phoenix (winner of AVN’s coveted Female Performer of the Year 2004) does such an amazing job in this video it is no wonder why she won the award. Not only does she look naturally hot, but her passion and raw sexuality are incredible. She fucks like she is on a first REAL date with Frank in this video. She french kisses him, sucks his cock with passion and fucks him so hard she cums on his cock at least twice! The sex scenes are scorching and the intensity and chemistry are all very real.

We didn’t think we could possibly make a hotter video than Cuckold Fantasies volume 2 but this one is just as hot in its own unique way.

This video begins by Lauren’s husband (who is dressed like a sissy in a sissy blouse) trying to convince her into having sex with another man while he watches. Lauren is a bit suspicious at his motives and begins questioning him as to whether he wants to be with another woman, thinking he only wants her to fuck another man so he can fuck another woman. Her husband totally denies this and constantly reassures her that he will really love to see her get fucked by a real man. Lauren finally agrees on one condition—she gets to choose the man.

Before Lauren gets ready for a date she puts her husband in a CHASTITY DEVICEand laughs at his small cock. She yells at her husband to shut up when he complains that he won’t be able to touch his cock while she is gone and tells him the only way she will do this is if his cock is locked up in chastity so she can control when and how he comes!

Lauren turns her husband into a HUMAN COUCH by sitting on him while she brushes her hair and puts on makeup before she goes out on a hot date. She constantly verbally humiliates him by talking about how she “Can’t wait to get fucked by a REAL MAN with a REAL COCK” for once and not by his tiny little dick! She teases him about having to wear the chastity device and how his small cock can’t satisfy her and never will.

She makes him kneel in front of her and starts verbally abusing him and ridiculing him about his small cock and calling him a wimp, sissy loser pathetic slave. She teases him by shoving her ass into his face for some hot erotic ASS WORSHIP. She makes him kiss and worship her ass moaning and groaning calling him names, teasing him with her pussy and making him just smell it but not touch it. Then she shoves his face into her ass making him kiss and worship it. She talks about how wet her pussy is getting thinking about getting fucked by a real man.

Next she makes her husband kneel in front of the bed and Lauren totally teases him (and YOU) on the bed while she talks really nasty into the camera and looking at her husband and you. This is a very hot POV scene. She makes him tell her out loud he wants to see her pussy getting stretched by a real man and by a real cock. She sticks her ass out and talks really dirty. The things she says are so hot they can’t be described in words. All I can say is if you can make it through this scene without having an orgasm you need serious therapy!

She talks about how she can’t wait to fuck a real man and not her puny wimp loser husband. She spreads her ass cheeks and talks about how it is going to fill her pussy up with cum and he is going to lick it out of her. She shoves her panties on his face and makes him BEG Her to fuck a REAL MAN!

She shoves his face into her pussy and torments him by saying he’ll never get into her pussy until after she fucks her new lover!

She then makes him kneel in the corner and begins to WHIP HIM with her cat o nine tail whip, constantly degrading him about having a small cock and how he loves it when she whips him.

Lauren yells “Hey Bitch, bring me some money for my date” so her husband returns with some money for her to spend on her date. She tells him to “Clean the kitchen and make it spotless” while she is gone.

When she returns, she calls for her husband and what happens next is hilarious. Frank Towers, Lauren’s new lover recognizes the husband from his previous marriage and begins ridiculing him and laughing at him in his chastity device and lingerie. He tells Lauren that he fucked his ex-wife and got her pregnant and asks the husband how his baby is doing! Talk about total humiliation.

Lauren tells him to sit in the corner and watch her fuck her new lover but her husband begins to change his mind about the whole thing and starts trying to talk his wife out of doing this but she says “Shut up! Its too late to stop now”!

Lauren tells him “Fuck this marriage nonsense!” and throws her wedding ring on the floor and then takes HIS ring and throws it on the floor and tells him to shut up and watch. She begins kissing Frank with passion, sliding her tongue into his mouth and occasionally glancing and smiling at her husband who is kneeling on the floor in front of them watching.

Lauren gives Frank and incredible blowjob, looking at her husband with Frank’s cock in her hand saying “You see this? This is a REAL MAN’s cock. Not like that tiny half cock you have!” Sh e DEEP THROATS Frank’s cock and sucks it hard and moans on it.

Frank humiliates the husband more by saying “Look at your wife’s tongue on my cock” and “Look at how she deep throats my cock” and she feels soooo good sucking him.

She looks into the camera and says REPEATEDLY Oh God I love this REAL MAN’S COCK. ITS SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOURS!”

Next in a hot POV blowjob scene she looks in the camera and teases you by saying “You want to suck this cock with me? I know you do but you can’t because its MY COCK! And shoves it in the camera and then pulls it away.

Frank humiliates him more saying how he’s going to get his new wife PREGNANT and she says “Yeah I am going to have his baby and that he has to get a SECOND JOB to support them!”

She constantly is saying “God I love sucking this big cock. Its sooo much better than yours!” Next she commands the sissy to go get them some drinks and makes him hold them for her while she sucks Frank’s cock.

She orders her husband to go PREPARE the bed for them and he runs upstairs to make the bed for her and her lover.

She orders her husband to come PREPARE HER PUSSY FOR A REAL MAN’S COCK and makes him lick her pussy. She talks so dirty and nasty during this scene telling him to “get it nice and wet for that big hard cock” and “how she can’t wait to get fucked by a REAL MAN” and “all he is good for is getting her pussy ready for another man’s cock” and that “he’s going to sit back and watch like a pathetic loser”.

She makeshim HOLD OPEN HER PUSSY LIPS FOR FRANK’S COCK and Frank slides his big cock into her pussy and begins fucking her HARD! He says things like “Your wife’s pussy feels soooo good!” Lauren is moaning louder and louder as she gets fucked, yelling “how MUCH BETTER HIS COCK IS” than her husbands.

She makes him WORSHIP HER FEET while she is getting fucked. The husband licks her feet while she is groaning while getting fucked.

Next, Lauren HANDCUFFS the husband to a chair right in front of the bed and makes him watch them fuck!

She mounts Frank’s cock and begins to POWER RIDE his cock and Frank starts fucking her like a piston in a race car going 400 miles per hour! She says things like “you like watching him fuck me? Oh yeah -- fuck me while my husband watches…you fuck me so much better than him”.

She kisses Frank passionately while riding him then gets off and sucks his cock some more.

Then Lauren begins riding Frank’s cock, FUCKING HIM by riding his cock up and down bouncing hard and fast. She asks her husband “Don’t I look pretty with another man’s cock in my pussy?”

Frank keeps pounding into her pussy. Lauren’s sexuality is so raw and pure and intense there is no faking her passion in this scene! These two fuck so hard and fast it is really rare to see something like this anymore in porn.

Lauren says “Fuck me in front of my little dick husband” and “Give me a baby” and then looks in the camera and says “That’s how a REAL MAN fucks” while she sucks Frank’s cock.

Next Frank fucks her doggy style and while he fucks her from behind Lauren says “this is how I like to get fucked by a fat cock bent over, not like a pussy boy like you! She says “You taking notes honey?”

A great series of POV scenes follow as Lauren talks directly into the camera and calls YOU a small dick sissy loser who can’t satisfy any woman and she only likes big cock now. How she likes a real cock in her pussy now, how he fucks her so much better than you!

She bounces back on his cock while her pathetic husband just sits HANDCUFFED to the chair watching!

Frank licks Lauren’s pussy and ass looking at the husband saying “Your wife’s pussy tastes so good!”

Lauren rides Frank’s cock reverse cowgirl bouncing hard and fast on his big cock moaning and groaning as she bounces up and down on it. Then Frank fucks her like a piston again going 400 MPH.

Lauren finally decides to remove the handcuffs and let him WORSHIP HER BODY WHILE SHE’S GETTING FUCKED. She tells her husband to worship her feet while she is getting fucked. This is the hottest scene of them all. Her passion and intensity are awesome. You can tell she just loves this. She makes him suck her tits and then her pussy while she is getting fucked! She makes him hold her pussy open while she is getting fucked and then makes him stare at his cock while it goes in and out of her pussy.

Lauren makes her husband watch up close while she gets fucked doggy style while Frank CUMS ALL OVER AND INSIDER HER PUSSY!

He shoots his hot cum on her ass cheeks and pussy and rubs it all over with his cock.

Next, in a hot POV cream pie scene Lauren tells YOU to suck all the hot cum out of her pussy and lick it off her ass! She sticks her freshly fucked pussy in your face and talks really nasty.

She then calls her wimp husband to come over and suck it out of her pussy and lick it off her ass cheeks and he sucks it out of her and licks it all out! THIS IS REAL CREAMPIE EATING WITH REAL CUM! NO FAKE CUM, NO TRICK CAMERA WORK!

The husband continues to lick it off and out of her pussy and she talks really dirty during the entire scene, calling him tons of humiliating names.

After he licks the cum out of her she removes his chastity device as his reward and FACESITS AND SMOTHERS him with her pussy and ass, talking about how much she loved fucking another man. She grinds her pussy on his face, sometimes stroking his cock and constantly talking about how she can’t wait to fuck another man in front of him! The way she grinds and wiggles her pussy on his face is so erotic. She almost cums again while riding his face.

Next in another hot POV scene Lauren stands right above the camera and talks directly at you saying things like “You are a small dick loser sissy who can’t fuck her anymore and your only job is to suck the lovers cum out of her pussy”. She turns around and makes you worship her ass, talking really nasty in this incredible scene.

Finally, she sits on her husbands face again and makes him cum while facesitting him and makes him tell her she can now fuck as many men as she wants!

Note from Romulus:

This video (like the other cuckold movies) was impossible to review to write this text. It took me over a week to write it because I kept having to stop while writing because I kept getting so turned on during the blowjob scene, then the sex scene, then during the POV scenes I had to stop writing.

Lauren has a natural beauty and raw pure sexuality that can’t be described. It is no surprise she won AVN Performer of the Year in 2004. She loves sex and her genuine passion comes through in every frame. She also loves turning her men into cuckold sissy creampie eating sissy wimps!

This was just as good as Volume 1 and 2 in its own way. New additional themes, great chemistry and super hot sex and a hot new girl made this video an all around winner.

Buy it now!