Cuckold Fantasies Volume 2
rated 4 out of 5 stars and
Nominated for
Best Specialty Video 2006
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This film features the following action:

  • Cuckolding
  • Hot Sex
  • Chastity Device
  • Feminization and Sissy slut training
  • Facesitting
  • Real Creampie, POV creampie and creampie eating
  • Over the knee spanking
  • Strap on play
  • Blow job
  • Comparison of cock sizes
  • Cock slapping
  • Human Furniture
  • Dressing the wife for her lover
  • Cuckold serving drinks
  • Verbal humiliation
  • Body Worship

Starring Mistress Harmony, Frank Towers and Freddy

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This DVD has Full Motion Menu's

Approx. running time: 90 minutes

IMPORTANT: This is a different type of movie than the other movies we produce. PLEASE READ THIS DESCRIPTION THOROUGHLY BECAUSE THIS VIDEO IS NOT LIKE THE OTHERS.

After making Cuckold Fantasies Volume 1 we didn’t think we could possibly make a better cuckold video BUT WE HAVE! Harmony is absolutely amazing in this video and her performance should win her an AVN award. She is EXTREMELY dominant, controlling and bitchy and her sex scenes are scorching hot!

This video is 90 minutes long with and the sex scene alone is 60 minutes long with a variety of new positions (Harmony riding the lover) and longer positions (reverse cowgirl, doggy style position) followed by a 30 minute scene in the beginning of the movie filled with TONS OF HUMILIATION and new additional scenes and themes.

The first 30 minutes include the following action:

• Seduction blowjob (where Harmony seduces her husband into watching her fuck another man in front of him)

• Chastity Device – Harmony Locks her husband’s cock inside a steel chastity device totally denying him any pleasure while he watches!

• Feminization and sissy humiliation – Harmony dresses her husband in pink panties, stockings and bra and braids his hair into pigtails!

• Spanking – Hard Over the knee spanking mixed with verbal humiliation.

• Human Furniture – Harmony sits on her husband like a chair while she puts makeup on and talks about how she is going to fuck her lover.

• Dressing the wife for her date – Harmony makes her husband pick a dress for her and puts the dress on her for her date.

• Tease and Denial – Harmony teases the husband with her pussy and ass before she goes out on a date.

• Cock size comparison – Harmony humiliates her hubby by making the men stand next together and compares her lovers cock with her small dick husband.

• Hot Blowjob Humiliation scene – Harmony makes her husband watch on his hands and knees in front of her sucking her lovers cock and humiliates him with her lover.

• Husband serving them drinks

The following scenes comprise the next 60 minutes of the movie:

• Husband prepares Harmony’s pussy for her lover – Harmony makes her husband lick her pussy to get it wet for her lovers cock.

• Body Worship – Harmony forces husband to worship her feet, tits and ass while she is getting fucked.

• Verbal Humiliation – Harmony REPEATEDLY tells her husband “His cock is so much better than yours” while she is getting fucked.

• Harmony riding cock – Harmony rides her lover’s cock while husband is forced to watch and worship her ass and pussy

• Cock Slapping – hard and long slapping of the husbands cock combined with tons of verbal humiliation.

• Internal Cumshot – Frank comes deep in Harmony’s pussy and on it.

• POV Creampie scene – Harmony makes YOU suck it out of her pussy and then her husband! REAL CREAMPIE! NO TRICK EDITING OR FAKE CUM!

• Facesitting, Smothering and Ass worship – Harmony totally smothers her husband with her gorgeous ass and pussy.

• Pregnancy humiliation – Harmony and Frank both talk about her getting pregnant from Frank and he has to raise the kid!

• POV Verbal humiliation – While Harmony is getting fucked she is looking into the camera calling YOU a small dick sissy loser who can’t please her and how much better her lover’s cock is!!!

• Strap on – Harmony only lets her husband orgasm if he lets her fuck him in the ass with her big strap on!

This movie begins with an incredible scene with beautiful Harmony seducing her new husband into wanting to watch her fuck another man. She seduces him by sucking his cock, stroking it and teasing him and telling him how much the idea turns her on and how it is going to make their relationship better. He is reluctant at first but after getting so turned on he finally agrees to it. She makes him repeat OUT LOUD that he wants to watch his wife get fucked by another man! The way she talks to him and sucks his cock will drive you insane with lust and you will be rewinding this scene over and over again.

She rewards him by letting him suck and worship her pussy and then she immediately changes her attitude and becomes extremely dominant and bitchy.

She puts a CHASTITY DEVICE on his cock (first saying he could play with himself while she gets fucked but then lies to him and locks up his cock!).

She totally feminizes him and puts him in stockings, pink panties, bra and puts his hair into pigtails. She throws him over her knee for some hot OVER THE KNEE SPANKING. She spanks his ass until it is bright red, verbally chastising him for agreeing to let her fuck another man!

Next she turns him into a HUMAN CHAIR by sitting on his back while putting on her makeup, talking really nasty about how she can’t wait to get fucked by her lover and how small her husband’s cock is and how it never satisfies her.

Harmony makes her husband PICK OUT CLOTHING for her and DRESS HER UP for her date! She makes him put on the dress HE BOUGHT FOR HER so she can look sexy for her lover!

After he dresses her, she taunts and teases him with her wet pussy, tits and hot ass, making him only look at it and worship it from the floor. She slaps her husband’s face when he tries to lick her pussy and ass. She sticks his face in her pussy and forces him to breathe it only and then turns around and sticks her ass in his face smothering him in her gorgeous ass!

She talks how she can’t wait to get a REAL MAN’s cock inside her and how good it will feel when he explodes in her pussy and how her sissy pathetic husband is just going to watch her in the corner! She makes him sit in the corner of the room and tells him not to move until she comes back from her date with her lover. She puts the key to the chastity device between her tit cleavage tormenting him how he can’t touch himself until she returns with her lover.

When Harmony arrives with her lover (Frank Towers, a stud bodybuilder), she commands her sissy husband to come down to meet them. They both laugh hysterically (and you will too) as he comes down the stairs dressed like a sissy slut in chastity!

Frank humiliates the guy constantly laughing at him saying things like how he can’t wait to fuck his wife and what a loser he is with a small dick! They both laugh at his cock in chastity and humiliate him constantly.

Harmony rubs it in by calling her lover a REAL MAN with a REAL COCK in front of her husband, and tells Frank how he dressed her up and made her look really sexy for her lover. She makes her husband undress her for her lover and she begins sucking his cock in front of her husband, looking at him and taunting him by moaning and groaning on it.

Harmony verbally humiliates her husband constantly ridiculing him and making him repeat out loud “How he likes seeing his wife with another guy”! Frank humiliates him too by saying how good his wife’s mouth feels on his cock!

She looks at her husband while sucking on Frank’s cock teasing him about sucking it with her but she pulls it away from him.

Harmony tells him she’s going to get pregnant and that he’s got to raise the kids as his own! Talk about total humiliation.

Harmony then makes them stand next to each other and compares their cock sizes, ridiculing her husband for having such a small worthless cock. She scorns her husbands cock in chastity while admiring and adoring Frank’s cock.

She makes him kneel again and tells him “to REMEMBER this cock and that the cock she is sucking on is a REAL MAN’s cock and that he will never see this size when he looks down”. She torments him again asking if he wants to suck it with her and then pulls it away and says “NO! Its MY cock! Only I get to suck it!”

She spits on her husbands cock and slaps it in the chastity device constantly degrading him and humiliating him.

In a hot POV scene Harmony sucks Frank’s cock and teases YOU by sticking his cock in the camera saying “Don’t you want to suck it? Come on suck it with me and then she pulls it away saying NO! Its this is MY cock”!

Harmony commands her husband to go bring them drinks and to open them for them, then makes him crawl upstairs to prepare the bed for them.

In the bedroom she makes her husband lick her pussy to PREPARE IT FOR HER LOVER! She sucks on Frank’s cock with intensity and passion we’ve never seen before while dishing out verbal abuse and humiliation to the husband. The things she says and the way she says them cannot be described in words! All I can say is if you can make it through this scene without having an orgasm you need serious therapy!

She makes him look up and watch her suck her lover’s cock while eating her pussy, she talks about how he’s going to suck all the cum out of her, how his dick is useless and more.

She makes her husband open her pussy lips for Frank’s cock and helps him guide it into her! He is told to lick and worship her feet while she is getting fucked. While she is getting fucked she says “Don’t I look sexy?” and REPEATEDLY SAYS “His cock is SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOURS!”

Her husband tries to play with his cock (even in the chastity device) and she slaps it and yells “Don’t you dare touch that cock!!” She moans and groans all the while verbally abusing the husband covering his cock with her leg so she doesn’t have to look at it.

Frank talks about how good his wife’s pussy is and he loves fucking her. He really pounds into her pussy with all of his big cock, slamming her hard and deep!

Harmony gets on top of Frank and begins power riding his cock, making her husband worship her ass and lick it while she is getting fucked. She rides the cock so hard and fast and screams as she explodes with an orgasm! She makes him put his tongue into her asshole while she bounces up and down and makes him look at Frank’s cock going in and out of her. She commands Frank to fuck her harder and faster and he begins to pump her like a piston in a race car going 200 mph!

She keeps telling her husband how much better her lover’s cock is and how much better he fucks her. She asks her husband “how do you feel watching his wife getting fucked”? Then she makes him suck her pussy and lick all their juices off her pussy! She makes him lick her asshole more while she rides his cock hard and fast, constantly verbally degrading her husband and telling him how much better her lovers cock is. She makes her husband repeat OUT LOUD “he likes watching his wife getting fucked by another man”!!


Next, Harmony gets into reverse cowgirl position and begins to moan and scream as she rides Frank’s cock. SHE MAKES HER HUSBAND WORSHIP HER TITS, SUCK HER PUSSY AND LICK IT WHILE SHE IS GETTING FUCKED!

While he is worshipping her pussy, Harmony is getting fucked and spanks her husband all the while dishing out even more verbal humiliation. She gets off Frank’s cock and then starts sucking his cock and after she sucks it she tells her husband to kiss him and then slaps his face!

Next they move into doggy style position and Frank really starts pounding harder and harder into her pussy. Harmony starts asking if her husband wants to masturbate while she is getting fucked and she tells him if he is a good boy she may let him play with himself. She tells him to LICK HER CLIT WHILE SHE IS GETTING FUCKED! He gets under her pussy and starts sucking her pussy while Frank fucks her hard from behind!

She tells him to keep sucking her pussy as she RIPS OFF HIS BRA and begins pinching his nipples hard. Finally she takes off the chastity device and while she is taking it off Frank makes him repeat out loud he doesn’t have a big enough cock to satisfy his wife. Harmony complains her husband’s cock isn’t hard and tells him if he doesn’t get it hard she’s going to put it back into the chastity device. She makes him suck her pussy more while Frank fucks her.

Great close-ups of the action of Frank’s cock going in her pussy while her husband licks her clit!

Frank and Harmony talk between each other how he’s going to get her pregnant and he is going to stay at home to raise the kids and even PAY FOR THEIR VACATION AND THAT HE WOULD LISTEN TO THEM ON THE PHONE WHILE THEY ARE HAVING SEX!!

They fuck so hard with raw animal passion and intensity!!

Harmony begins to assault her husband more while she slapping her husband and asking him why he can’t fuck her like that.

Next, she makes him jerk off in the corner of the bed and watch closely while she gets fucked hard. She looks straight into his eyes while the husband is on his knees jerking his cock watching her get fucked.

In a great POV scene Harmony looks straight into the camera and tells YOU what a small dick loser you are and how you are going to eat the cum out of her and YOU are going to watch the kids. She tells you to jerk your cock and keep watching what you can’t have and you are just a sissy with a small cock that can’t please any woman.

Next, she SLAPS HER HUSBANDS COCK hard calling it a “Bad cock!” telling him its useless and pathetic. She kisses him passionately like a real couple (something you never see in porn anymore) but then stops and slaps his face hard. She makes him repeat out loud “he’s going to eat her lover’s cum out of her” and when he agrees she kisses him as a reward, then slaps his face hard.

They change positions and Frank EXPLODES IN AND ON HER PUSSY with a ton of cum. In a GREAT POV CREAMPIE SCENE, she plays with her cum filled pussy and TELLS YOU TO SUCK IT OUT OF HER AND LICK IT OFF HER FINGERS! She talks about how its going to get her pregnant and YOU are going to stay home and raise the kids. There is no trick camera work, no fake cum. This is the real deal.

She makes her husband come over and SUCK ALL HIS CUM OUT OF HER PUSSY and lick it off her fingers! She constantly degrades and humiliates him while he is sucking it all out of her pussy! This is REAL CREAM PIE EATING.

Facesitting and ass licking follow for 15 solid minutes as Harmony sits on his face and smothers him making sure he gets out ALL OF THE CUM from her pussy! She squeezes her pussy to get the remaining cum out of it into his mouth while he jerks his cock. She smothers his face with her full weight grinding her pussy and ass on his face, controlling his breathing and forcing him to worship her pussy and ass. She sits on his with her full weight, smothering him in forward and reverse positions.

Finally, Harmony tells him she will let him cum only if she lets him fuck him in the ass with her STRAP ON! She makes him agree to taking her strap on and then pulls it out and begins fucking his ass with her big strap on cock! She makes him say out loud “his asshole belongs to her” as she slides a strap on into him, spanking his ass making him jerk his cock while she fucks him in the ass! You can really see Harmony LOVES fucking men with strap ons just by the expressions on her face and the look in her eyes.

She turns him on his back and spreads his legs and fucks him and commands him to cum on her command! He cums all over himself and she makes him taste it and then she tastes it.

Finally, she makes him sit in the corner and tells him to think about her getting fucked by another man and then to go prepare a shower for her and her lover!

Personal Note from Romulus:

I was in AWE from Harmony’s performance after watching this movie the first time. It literally took me 7 times to watch it over the course of a week to be able to type this description because I would get so turned on while watching it I had to stop every time! When I finally was able to make it through the first seduction scene I found myself getting stuck during the blowjob scene and sex scene repeatedly.

I started this company mostly to make movies I could enjoy watching myself but NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS COULD I HAVE IMAGINED MAKING A MOVIE THIS HOT!

The build up to the sex scene was so good that by the time they actually fuck everyone was so turned on that the sex that much better.

We covered so many more aspects and themes in this movie and the sex scene was much longer than in the first movie. It is really going to be difficult to top this movie.

Like Cuckold Fantasies Volume 1, I guarantee there is nothing out there like this.

Buy it now!