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yippee!!!!! i was finally able to download the film, after having read your previous email, i tried using mozilla firefox for a browser instead of my usual internet explorer, and for whatever reason, it downloaded to completion and i now have the ability to watch the film on my laptop's hard drive
thanks soooo very much for your persistence and patience!! i really appreciate you continuing to get back to me over and over again with different things to try until i was finally able to get it downloaded. i realize its only a ten dollar sale for your company so i really appreciate taking the time to help me, great customer service!! i really enjoy the content that your studio creates and after all your help, i can definitely say i look forward to making more purchases off of your websites in the future!! :o)
thanks again

Dave here again (out in NY state)

Well another year comes to a close and the action at Roman Video just keeps getting better and better - I can't wait for 2008.
Once again, I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy the videos and clips for your site - they are abaolutely fantastic. The facesitting, asslicking and cuckolding are amazing. Men being treated just like men should be treated, by what in my estimation are the most beautiful, sexy and absolutely fantastic women in the world. The "Perfect Facesitter" is just the latest in an ever increasing line of wonderful videos.
Carmella Bing is just that, the Perfect Facesitter!! I can't even imagine what it must be like or what I would do to be able to spend endless hours worshipping and being serving her. WOW, she is fantastic! Absolutley beautiful, the perfect body and an accomplished facesitter. (of course all your ladies are fantastically beautiful and sexy and boy can they facesit!). Being New Years Eve brings a "fantasy" to mind - forget the ball in Times Square. Instead projuect a two hour video of me being facesat and smothered by Carmella Bing on the video screen at Times Square. Let the thousand in attendance watch me being forced to lick and tounge her wonderful ass!! Now that's something worth seeing!!


Your shipping has always been very prompt...Also, I would like to take the opportunity to provide some feed back.  In my opinion,  the quality of your video work is so much better than others I have seen.  Harmony really makes the video because she is so comfortable with the verbal dialogue.  Also your video contains many of the "hot" elements of this
lifestyle and it comes accross natural and not awkward.  After viewing your product it comes as no surprise why you have generously lengthy samples. The reason is that the whole video is done with such quality. Dealing with your company is like dealing with
true profesionals and not like  the sterotype that  most in the adult business have. 

Thanks so much for your videos.



I have to commend you guys and gals for making the absolute best face sitting smother video of all.
I am a long time customer (fan) and was hopefully wanting to be in one of your films. You were kind enough to ask me, but circumstances due to marriage didn't allow it!

House of flying asses was custom made for me. Everything I have ever wanted to see, from nose in ass hole to licking vagina and anus scenes of the beautiful young ladies! I am as happy as can be to have found such an awesome video. So much as I had to order the amazing colossal face sitters! The new format and music is great too!

Thanks Romulus for making my fetish dreams come true!

An extreme fan!


I want to let you guys, and especially the ladies know that I absolutely love your face sitting videos. I have hoped, but never expected to find such well done and exciting videos as you do! The mistresses are superb and beautiful, the camera angles are awesome!

Thank You again!


Hi Romanvideo, I recently bought two smother DVDs from your site and found them to be the best facesitting films I have ever watched.
I have tried other sites videos, and Anaconda for example, but these were no comparison to yours.  Could you recommend a Smother DVD that features multiple mistresses on one slave, this would make my day.


I received the DVD a few days ago and that was some intense sh*t. You guya
are great, fast shipping and a great product, What else could I ask for? You
will probably hear from me in the future about ordering some more of your
awesome videos. Thank You!

Hi, I bought the video "Lick My Ass" a while ago, and I have to tell you, that is the hottest facesitting video ever!
Usually you watch them once and that's it, but with Mistress Ambrosia, She is a true Goddess. Does She have anymore videos? Or a website? Please let Her know that She has TRUE WORSHIPPER. That slave gaspman is one lucky guy. I would give anything to be in a video with Her. Hell, I would give anything to worship Her. She should be billed as "The Ultimate Smother Goddess."
Please let me know if She has a catalog of videos, or anything else...
Thanks so much for the best smothering video ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yours truly,

All I can say is what a great website. It has everything and anything a foot and shoe fetish fan could ask for. The trampling is well beyond my wildest imagination. I have had a huge foot and shoe fetish for as long as I can remember. I was looking for some information on how to become involved with your website or the foot fetish industry in general. It has been a goal of mine to appear in a foot trampling or foot worship video for a number of years. I would love to have my body trampled by one of your gorgeous models and also to cleanse their shoes with my tongue and mouth.



The girls are true disciplinarians. Thanks for providing us all with some of the finest and most erotic fem-dom/fetish videos available. The unique pov camera angles during intense moments is what sets you aside from all the rest. It adds so much more dimension than most other websites material. By all means, carry on in the same direction!


The package arrived by Priority Mail yesterday. Thanks so much for sending it out again. I watched the tapes today and enjoyed them all. But I want to compliment you particularly on one of them. The cuckolding scene in Part 2 of Crouching Woman, Hidden Face was the best erotic video I have ever seen. I'm 56 years old and have been a nearly lifelong fan of erotica. This was truly a masterpiece. I don't know if you're aware but cuckolding is the number one most popular fantasy among married men. There is a huge market for this theme of video that has not been addressed. This film is the first to have really succeeded in capturing the fantasy. I hope your firm will strive to make more along the precise same theme of this video. If your firm were to address this topic in a serious way, as you did in this particular scene, I can virtually guarantee your sales would be tremendous. I'll be on the lookout for any future offerings from your firm along the same lines.
Kind regards,

Jeff Kane

I have received your Best of Ponyboys volume 1, and you are to be congratulated for a terrific job. I am ordering Volume 2 very soon. I have enjoyed both the intensity of the rides, and the expressions on the faces the ladies. I hope you make many more, and maybe some with leather mini-miniskirts, that still show everything.
Best regards,



I have been a huge fan of facesitting for about 7 years i have been to countless websites exploring this fetish and after years of searching there is only 1 i go to now these are the best videos with great non member pics and stories and very attractive women, i would absolutley die to be in one of your videos i live in dallas tx and i would really like you to email me back and perhaps set something up for me in early october i woulld come to so cal. please this site has not let me down at all i would love to be a part of it, thanks alot.

oh my god,
I've been on the internet for over two years and I have never found anything as erotic as your RomanVideo empire. Thanks for providing such superb content. Needless to say, your site is eagerly anticipated. sincerely,


Hello, just wanted to let you know that all of the videos I ordered were indeed enjoyable, particularly the titles from Russia with ass and the spy who smothered me. Both contained the continuing rare scenes of ass to nose contact in face sitting. My compliments. Once again, good job on the videos.


I am a member at your fabulous club, Roman Video.
You have amongst the best trample clips I have ever seen. Please keep up the great work!! I truly enjoyed the DVD that I purchased from you, the compilation of trample movies. It was and still is the best DVD I have ever owned.
Damn I wish you would make another one, with Tall Goddess trampling Barefoot and then some of the other Goddesses also trampling barefoot. Another compilation like that would be absolutely mind-blowing and I definately would buy that DVD too. As you may have noticed, I am an avid barefoot trample lover. I know that there are many other members that may prefer heels etc. but I wish to ask you one favour please Sir, would you be so kind as to post more barefoot trample action, please! Especially some hard action too. I absolutely love all your Goddesses, but would love to see more barefoot trample from Tall Goddess, Crystal White and Cory Lane and Michelle. Michelle has very sensous feet and she does a good sensous but hard trample. If you could do a DVD with those 4 ladies in it too, I would be forever in your debt. Please Sir, I only humbly request this from you. I am sure that you would do all you can to satisfy us, me, as good members to this fabulous club. I am very pleased with the work and material at this club. It is defiantely some of the best action that I have ever seen. So much so, I amy just as well be in the movie myself. That's how realistic it seems. I would give my soul to be one of your slaves in the movies. You wouldn't even have to pay me for it. I couldn't care about the money or anything like that. It would just be an honour to be under any one of your Goddesses. They could trample me with their velvet bare sexy feet as hard as they wish, I would take it. No problem!!! Anyhow, before I get too worked up here ............ you and your ladies are doing an absolutely great job. I am in total awe and as I have said before, I would give my soul to be one of the slaves. Keep up the great work good guy, and maybe just take some of my humble requests into consideration. Either way, I am still going to maintain my mebership because it's such a good site, and I can't wait for the next site. I eagerly await your reply and possible help. Take care and hope to hear from you soon, cheers,


The quality of is unsurpassable! Thanks for such quality and creativity. Please convey to Betti that her 'aura' (sp?) is unique. I would love to see more of her spitting video clip and some pics of it. thanks again!



Smooth transaction & good quality. Received a screwed up DVD and he replaced it promptly no questions asked!!! I have never bought anythin on the net so easy...Hope they make more soon!!!


Where have you been for all my adult life? I\ve looking and waiting for a site like yours for sometime. I asolutely love your company. I thought I was the only in the entire world who enjoyed sitting lovely ladies riding on guys shoulders. It is utterly fascinating and I love it. Please make one with the girls wearing summer or sun dresses. That is the ultimate in eroticism for me. Thanks for the good work. Keep it up. You will always have a buyer.


My purchase was received yesterday. the video has got to be one of the best and most realistic i've ever seen! great work. i look forward to purchasing more in the near future.


Your site & videos surpass all others in quality & content; I own 3 videos & have been a member (and will be again);I would love to see the subjects of women choking men between their legs (figure 4\'s, etc)& women smoking (flicking ashes into their slaves\' mouth) added. (Any chance)?
Mia totally blows my mind in \"Crouching Women\", completely dominating her slave\'s mouth & tongue with her magnificent ass and adds to the excitement by proclaiming herself his Queen, forcing him to admit to being her Man Bitch !!! (WHEW)!!
Calli is the Goddess of Goddessess & needs just her posture to drive us all crazy as an Equestrian.
How about a video with a woman (in Black high heels) walking a man on a leash outside while smoking ( pref Calli)?!!!
Well,I have to stop writing, since thinking about the possibilities is making me breathe too hard & fast!!!


Your site is EXCELLENT !!!!! WONDERFUL!!!!!
I think that I will be always your member in future..because your site is the best on the Net....about facesitting, ponyboy etc. Very GOOD.
Many Thank & good luck for your site.

Marco from Italy

Hi Brian --

Thanks for the good news! I look forward to seeing those pics (and eventually seeing a video with shoulder riding to orgasm). I think I've told you before, but I'll say it anyway: I don't know how many people appreciate the care and professional skill that go into your videos and stills, but I respect good quality when I see it. Combined with great-looking girls, especially the trim, athletic type, toghether with some very convincing acting at critical moments, I think your stuff is great.

With best regards,


You may already be aware of, that features videos whose main themes are smother and trampling, but also include plenty of footage of girls riding guys' bare backs naked to orgasm. I've bought and enjoyed three of those, all of which were of
excellent technical quality and very exciting to watch. Their latest video, "Breath of a Salesman," includes girls astride the back of the guy's neck with him on all fours. I've just ordered that one. The company is a pleasure to deal with (we've corresponded by e-mail) and they ship FAST. I understand that the next couple of videos they plan will
include girls riding a guy's shoulders naked to orgasm with him on his feet and their legs
wrapped around his sides. You can bet that I'll buy those as soon as they become available. I've always been grateful for the tips I've received from others about where to find riding photos, videos, and stories, and now it's my pleasure to return the favor. You can find a description and a few very appealing neck riding photos at I look forward to "Breath of a Salesman" and the really hot shoulder riding in the sequels you've planned. I think I've
told you that your riding videos are the best I've seen; I meant it.

Good luck, and best wishes,


Just wanted to drop a note to say I think your stuff just keeps getting better and better. You're getting some high-quality girls. The equestrian is much appreciated, glad you haven't dropped it. I'm looking forward to some expanded scenery changes if you're into that...(dungeon, outdoors, etc.). Wrote you once before...are you still planning on having Jewell Marceau in a video? Her or Chelsea Blue would be guaranteed awesome. Best of luck in the future!


Some of the trample and, especially, smother videos contain the best erotic and exciting pony-style riding I\'ve ever seen, with gorgeous models riding their human pony bareback to very convincing orgasms. Lucky girls! These scenes feature first-class production as well, including imaginative camera work, good lighting where it really counts, and
excellent video quality. For me, the riding alone, in these videos, is well worth the price of admission. GREAT stuff! I hope to see lots more, plus the addition of naked shoulder rides, which are a super way for a woman to ride to orgasm, with her legs wrapped around her moving horse\'s sides. Thanks, and please keep up the great work!


I would like to congratulate the director/cameraman of these vidoes. They are so obviously filmed by someone who has the same fetish as we all have. The angles are superb and the POV shots are just incredible. At last, we have a company that produces the kind of videos we smother fans truely deserve.

I will be recommending this site to all that join my facesitting groups in Yahoo (3500 members so far!!)

Great job!!


I've got some RomanVideo ones as well, but I will NOT trade these - i've 'spoken' to the guy who produces them and I won't stab him in the back by 'stealing' his merchandise, it's a young company and he needs the business. I was serious about the vids at RomanVideo, they're fantastic quality AND cheaper than most other American productions PLUS there's a discount for bulk buying - delivery only takes around 6 working days. I had a problem with one tape and it was replaced with absolutely no quibles AND the replacement arrived in 5 days!!! Sam (the owner) is totally honest AND very enthusiastic about his vids. i know it sounds like bull shit but the quality is stunning (the female orgasms aren't faked - you can tell by the way they quiver when they sit on the guys face!! PLUS look out for a model called Cali Cox - you will shit yourself, I kid you not! The other models are beautiful, esp 'Betty', but she is STUNNING. But she doesn't face sit (boo!), only trample.

OK, I owe you one, Brain - I'll do my best on the comments for you (spend a few days thinking up something good!) - not that it'll be hard - I wasn't bullshitting when I said they're the best of the kind I've seen - I've only seen one woman cum on a mans face before in a smother vid (can't remember the name of the top of my head), but it was
nowhere near the one I've just seen from you - any others I've seen are FAKE. In fact, come to think of it, you've totally ruined me for other video companies productions ..... and shit! I've order over $100 vids from fucking BRAZIL, for gods sake (mind you, Brazillian women's asses.
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? (homer simpson style). Breakfast of champions!

The ladies on your films should get oscars for that, except that they quite clearly weren't acting lol God, especially Michelle, how come I never meet women like that ?!?

Which of your tapes is my favourite ?!?!? where do I begin? I think all of your tapes are my favourite in my collection, but you want me to pick JUST one? Let me think about it.

If I had to say one, it'd be hopalong ass-idy - purely because of Calli Cox and thos POV shots of her sitting on the guys face from his POV, she looks like she got more out of making the film than I did watching it, god, I've just watched that again - did you actually have to pay her anything to do this, it looks like she doing it just to get her own
rocks off, incredible turn on - never really seen anything like it?! To be honest, my favourite tape of yours changes from day to day.


Great! That Betti is fantastic, very cool and sophisticated, but it's Cali thats got to be my favourite so far (that orgasm/equest scene was mindblowing). I also liked the special camera angel you used with her - and her dialogue to the camera was great, she really said it like she meant it!
Hope your next ones with her are as good or better. Damn, can't wait to see the full video!!!

I've sen camera work like this before, but definetley not as good. I can see why you prefer your own films. Keep it up.


Thanks for all your efforts.Your videos are good and I hope they?ll get better. Please read my discussion on Destiny?s facesitting forum (Why we like facesitting) Maybe you think that I pay too much attention to small details but I?m a true lover of this subject and I really wish u can make still better videos.
Best regards


Just wanted to drop you a note to congratulate you on your fine line of videos. I saw that a number of people started bad-mouthing your organization on the Mistress Destiny Message Board... pretty juvenile thing to do. Your company's videos are some of the best on the market... I've already purchased two. Also, I had an initial problem where a tape I was sent was blank and it was taken care of immediately.
I look forward to future releases.

- F.Grecco

Congratulations! The material you've made is absolutely fantastic. Not only is it the best ponyboy material on the Internet, you are making history of femdom! And I don't exaggerate.
You see, the difference between existing ponyboy scenes in dull erotic videos, and yours, is enthusiasm, you enjoy it and have passion for it. And work done with passion makes the whole difference in the world.
Women are good looking, feminine, they wear stockings and heels. I like Mary Jane in her "Betty Page" outfit. She also has pretty feet, with beautiful high arches. Crystal is also
gorgeous. I'm dying to see "Two sat over the Cuckoo's face".

You have probably seen OWK riding material. It left me cold. Women are too covered. Too many boots and other garbage. Europeans still literally understand erotic and fantasy. Americans still lead, in spite of tons of non-creative producers.
ANyway, keep up the good work!



I believe I originally found you through the Mistress Destiny board. I just wanted to drop a line to say I think your site and videos look very promising. I especially like how you throw equestrian into the mix...that\'s not easy to find in videos but works in great with the other fetishes. I hope you continue that along with the \"full weight\" and in-your-face POV shots.
Having DVD is a great option as well.
I know you guys are new so best of luck...looks sweet so far!


Hello you have absolutly the best material I\'v found kudos! I joined on 9/6 and have downloaded many of your video clips. The best scene is of Calli riding. Damn that was hot! Keep up the good work. Thanks


Great site....Some of the best ponyboy pony play pics I\'ve ever come across...Keep up the good work...Keep using gorgeous models....Cory, Tori, Betti, etc. I\'ll keep coming back


These videos look awesome! Finally some good femdom videos. Are there any plans to make a video where girl catches guy stealing her panties and then orders him to be her panty slave, humiliating him in front of her girlfriends.. taking pictures of him, making him jack off, and ordering him to lick their toes, pussies and assholes. Also spitting into his mouth would be cool.


Your site is the best on the WEb!


Congratulation. Your videos seem very nice and sophisticated.



Just a quick note to compliment you on the 3 trample videos I recently ordered. "To Serve Women", "2002 - A Trample Odyssey", and "Footslave Prophecies I". The trampling was very well done. All of the ladies used their full weight on the slaves in a devilishly sensuous manner. I loved the barefoot trampling most of all, and Cory, Michele, Goldy, Tori, and Cali all have terrific bodies, gorgeous feet, and love to trample. I loved the camera angles and closeups. I especially like the way Michelle crushed and flattened Eric in "To Serve Women". I don't think I've ever seen a guy's stomach crushed quite as deep. It looked like her toes were all the way through to his backbone! You keep making videos like that, and I'll keep buying them!



When you started the I became a member but was disappointed at the lack of updates, which is why I canceled. However, I have joined up again, simply because I have seen an vast improvment on the updates (specially the video clips). I want to congratulate you on a superb website and keep on giving to us what we all wish for.


Under (Leo)

PS: Keep on posting those smother video clips ... they are terrfic :)

Hallo,first sorry for my bad english. I just saw your pictures about ponyplay and this are really the hottest pictures of equestrian I ever saw. If the videos such hot like the pictures it will really the hottest videos I ever saw. I like it, that the female riders are small and sweet and the man-horse are so tall and strong. Also I like it that they ride without saddle on the naked back and have orgasms while riding.In the next days I will order one of this videos. Could you tell me, which is he hottest and best equestrian video? Another question: What can I do if I join you for membership. Are there many pictures about EQUESTRIAN I could watch? sincerely



Some of the best equestrian/ponyboy scenes ever! I can\'t wait till you get those gorgeous dommes a pair of spurs to wear on their beautiful bare feet!


Praise : I salute you not only as a merchant of fine goods, but also
your vision ..BRAVO


I'd like to compliment Roman Video on a great job on the web site and the videos...Some of the best I've seen.