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Worship My Latina Ass Volume 9 Downloadable version  $19.99  $9.99 


Worship My Latina Ass Volume 9 Downloadable version

Starring Mistress Monica Santiago, Mistress Isis Taylor,
Slave Jarrod, Slave Vladi

Directed by Thound

Running time: 60 minutes

Scene One: For the first time we present the incredibly hot Brazilian diva, Mistress Monica Santiago. Her blazing Latina body, wide hips and huge booty will leave you stunned! In her POV scene, she leads you up a staircase by your leash. She doesn't speak much English, but she makes her meaning clear: Follow her ass – or else! She reels you into her bedroom, where shackles await...

Mistress Monica teases her Slave Jarrod as he lies naked and helpless, bound to her bed. She sits her huge Brazilian ass on his face, daring him to try to breathe. He struggles for air as she plays with his body and tweaks his nipples.

She tortures him more by slapping his cock against her beautiful bronze buttocks. The teases him with the possibility that she might fuck him – then denies him. She slams her butt back on his face while she SLAPS HIS COCK repeatedly and violently. His screams and pleas are muffled under her FULL WEIGHT.

She turns for more FACESITTTING, grinding her prominent clit on her slave's face. She TICKLES him, causing him to make monkey sounds under her pussy. She furiously rubs her clit until she CUMS.

Scene Two: Mistress Isis Taylor is back! Those long legs, real tits, and amazingly gorgeous ass jiggle and wobble in your face in her jaw-dropping POV. She asks if you think you're worthy to be on your knees before her. Do you deserve to lick her pussy? Forget it. You get to tongue her asshole – and you couldn't be happier.

Mistress Isis FACESITS Slave Vladi on the kitchen island. She makes him beg to serve her, beg to LICK HER ASS. She bucks and grinds her crotch on his face, SMOTHERING him and making him thank her with his brief gasps of air.

She REVERSE FACESITS her slave, making him slide his tongue into her asshole. She bounces her butt hard on his face, making his head slam repeatedly into the counter top. She gets on her knees and makes him WORSHIP HER ASS. He kisses her beautiful butt cheeks and laps hungrily at her anus.

She makes him lie back on the island, then lies on top of him, spreading her ass over his face. He licks her asshole, doing his best to please his mistress. Finally, she plants her pussy on his face and rides him until he makes her CUM!

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