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Facesitters in Heat - volume 28 Downloadable version  $19.99  $14.99 


Facesitters in Heat - volume 28 Downloadable version



Mistress Kagney Lynn Carter, Mistress Jynx Maze, 
Slave Jeremy, Slave Eric



Directed by Romulus

Running time: 60 minutes

Scene One – When blonde beauty, Mistress Kagney Lynn Carter tells you to bring your face and put it in her ass, you're eager to comply. “EAT MY ASS!” she screams at you in her intense POV. She verbally abuses you as you tongue her holes. She commands you to bury your stupid face in her pussy, then sends you away in disgust.

Mistress Kagney reels in Slave Jeremy by his leash, pulling his face into her butt. She kneels on the couch and viciously humiliates him as he tongue fucks her tight asshole. She lies on her side and makes him lick her pale ass cheeks, slapping his face hard when he makes a mistake.

She confesses how horny she is as she sits on his face. She orders him to eat her creamy pussy and she cums multiple times. She tells him he's a lucky slave as she grinds and thrusts on his mouth, making his face a creamy, slobbery mess.

She whips him with his leash, pinches his nipples, chokes him, and constantly reminds him how pathetically stupid he is as she SMOTHERS him under her ass. His submissiveness only makes her more cruel and more turned on.

Kagney facesits him on the floor, smashing his face under her ass, crushing him under her full weight. She cums a final time and orders him out.

Scene Two – Mistress Jynx Maze is a tiny bundle of attitude and sex. At the smack of her riding crop you obediently rush to her ass. She grinds her black latex panties on your face in her POV, then strips and lets you taste her delicious, fragrant holes. She grabs your head and pulls you deep into her pussy, then hypnotizes you with her shaking butt cheeks.

Obedient slave Eric is shackled to the bed where Mistress Jynx completely dominates him. She FACESITS and REVERSE FACESITS him, hiding his eyes under her pussy as he tongues her asshole. She laughs at his subservience, and grinds and bounces on his mouth until she orgasms.

She makes her slave thank her for SMOTHERING him and repeatedly orders him to lick her right, to be a better slave. Despite his devoted efforts, she never lets up the VERBAL HUMILIATION, even when she cums again.

Never satisfied, she masturbates her shaved pussy as she sits on his face, ordering him to lick up her juice as she cums, wiping her crotch all over his face.

Jynx unshackles Eric, and finishes the session with ASS WORSHIP and deep anal tonguing. She climaxes again, then makes her slave crawl away as she goes to sleep.




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