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POV CUCKOLD VOLUME 15 Downloadable version  $19.99  $7.99 


POV CUCKOLD VOLUME 15 Downloadable version

Starring Step daughter Kaylee Hilton, Boyfriend Johnny

Directed by Romulus

This DVD has Full Motion Menu's

Running times: 1 hour 12 minutes


Kaylee Hilton is your brand new, 18 year old step-daughter and she has a plan! 

She looks so innocent when she smiles at you, showing off her braces. But she's already texted all her girlfriends about how she intends to seduce you and turn you into her cuckold slave!


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You try to resist when she reaches for your pants. “This is wrong!” you protest, but your cock has other ideas as Kaylee wraps her hand and mouth around it. She promises you hot teen sex with no consequences as she gives you an incredible BLOWJOB. Your resistance dissolves.


She invites you into her tight TEEN PUSSY, so much hotter, tighter, and younger than her mom's! Even as you beg her not to tell anyone, you slam your raging cock inside her. You fuck your step-daughter and it's the best thing you've felt in your entire life! She promises to keep it a secret as she rides your dick, screaming in ecstasy.

You explode inside her, but your bliss is short-lived. Before you know it, Kaylee locks up your shriveled dick in a CHASTITY DEVICE and forces you to wear her pink panties. Then she takes pictures of your humiliation with her smart phone and sends them to all her friends! She threatens to send them to your wife and all your co-workers if you don't obey her.

The next morning, Kaylee returns from a date and makes you lick up the CREAMPIE that her boyfriend left in her pussy and her panties. You try to protest, but you have no choice. She flaunts the chastity key hanging around her neck. Your step-daughter owns you!

Later she sits on your face and makes you warm up her pussy for another date. She VERBALLY HUMILIATES you as she makes you get her wet for a much bigger cock than yours.

She invites her stud of a boyfriend over and fucks him in front of you. As he bangs your step-daughter doggy style, she cries out in genuine ecstasy. “This is how a REAL MAN FUCKS ME!” she screams. She tells you how much harder, stronger, younger he is than you. How he can fuck so much longer and more energetically than you. They laugh at you and your pathetic penis in its chastity prison.

They both cum multiple times, then she orders you to slurp up his thick gooey load from her worn-out hole. After you clean her up, she unlocks you from the chastity device and allows you to fuck her stretched out, sticky pussy. When you cum inside her, she makes you eat up your own semen.

Later, when she comes home gushing with the cum of more boyfriends, you're eager to gobble it up. She has successfully trained you to enjoy the taste of young mens' seed from her hard-fucked pussy! Kaylee has made you her sissy cuckold step-daddy!



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