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Facesitters in Heat - volume 31 Downloadable version  $19.99  $9.99 


Facesitters in Heat - volume 31 Downloadable version




Mistress Briella Bounce, Mistress Nikki Daniels, 
Courtney Taylor, Harry




Directed by Romulus and Michael Kahn

Running time: 62 minutes


Scene One – Mistress Briella Bounce looks so pure and sweet, yet you're quick to obey when she commands you to get on your knees and worship her shaved pussy. In her POV scene, she spreads her holes for your tongue and plays now-you-see-it-now-you-don't with her ass as she spins on a bar stool.

Briella leads Slave Harry upstairs by his leash. He complains that he's overworked and too tired to worship her ass. She orders him to do his job or she'll replace him with a new slave. Harry quickly plunges his face into his mistress' butt. She demands that he TONGUE FUCK her passionately and he struggles to please her.

She FACESITS him forward and reverse. She SMOTHERS him to silence any further complaints. “Don't you love my ass? What's wrong with you?” She shakes and jiggles her big white cheeks and shoves them down hard around his head. “No air, motherfucker!” His pathetic gasping makes her cum.

When she catches him playing with his dick, she SLAPS his hand away and reminds him that he's there for her pleasure only. She SIDE-SADDLE FACESITS him. She bounces on his head heavily, SMOTHERING him hard, asking, “Wouldn't it be nice to die under my ass.” She makes him repeat that “her ass is the best”.

Briella then forces her barely alive slave to WORSHIP HER ASS as she leans against her window shutters. He kisses her buttocks, then sucks passionately at her moist anus until she cums again.

Scene Two – Mistress Nikki Daniels has seduced the beautiful Courtney into her bedroom. As they kiss passionately, Nikki convinces Courtney to submit to her and obey her commands. She orders her to lick her asshole and tries to suffocate her under her butt.

Mistress Nikki tears off Courtney's panties and stuffs them in her mouth. She uses a MAGIC WAND VIBRATOR to tease and torture her slavegirl's pussy. But Nikki is infuriated when Courtney cums before she does. She makes her slavegirl suck her clit, finger her pussy, and use the vibrator to bring her to ORGASM. 

Nikki TIT SMOTHERS Courtney, SPANKS her, SPITS on her, then returns to some wild FACESITTING. Courtney's tongue plunges deep into her mistress' asshole and pussy as Nikki continues to wield the vibrator on both their clits. Nikki calls Courtney a slut for her butt, VERBALLY HUMILIATING her, even as she cums again on her wet face.

Nikki yanks Courtney's long blonde hair like reins to pull her face deep into her ass. She makes Courtney suck her swollen clit, then squeezes her nose between her pussy lips. 

While facesitting Courtney, she uses the vibrator on her, making he beg for PERMISSION TO CUM. Nikki gives her permission and Courtney explodes. Then to remind her who's boss, she orders her to bring her to orgasm again.


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