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Facesitters in Heat - volume 29 Downloadable version  $19.99  $14.99 


Facesitters in Heat - volume 29 Downloadable version



Mistress Briella Bounce, Mistress Krissy Lynn, 
Slave Harry, Slave Matty



Directed by Romulus

Running time: 1 hour, 8 minutes


Scene OneBig Butt Blonde Mistress Briella Bounce demands that you WORSHIP HER BIG ASS in a very hot POV scene. She shakes her beautiful big butt cheeks in your face to hypnotize you and make you her slave forever. She offers you her shaved pussy, then berates you for being unable to please her.

“Show some passion!” Mistress Briella tells her worthless slave Harry as he worships and tongue fucks her ass. She spreads her cheeks wide for his flickering, stabbing tongue, ordering him to go deeper. Her blissful moans tells him she's enjoying the oral devotion, but she VERBALLY HUMILIATES him nonetheless.

She makes him kiss and lick her cheeks as she lies on her side. Then she FACESITS him forward and reverse, bouncing and grinding her ass and pussy all over his mug. “I love having a tongue in my ass,” she declares and orders him to stick his tongue out further. She whacks him with her riding crop and pinches his nipples, demanding that her make her cum.

She rewards him with some prolonged SMOTHERING under her bouncing ass, making him beg for air. Feeble minded slave that he is, he uses the breath she allows him to beg for more of her ass. She calls him a pathetic worm as she smashes his face under her butt. She cums again, then SIDE-SADDLE FACESITS him. She calls him retarded and threatens to replace him for doing such a bad job.

Scene Two – Mistress Krissy Lynn's amazing ass is presented for your attention in her stunning POV. “Get on the ground where you belong,” she says. She spreads her cheeks wide for in-depth asshole tonguing, reminding you of all the cocks that have recently fucked her ass. She turns and wildly thrusts her dripping pussy on your face. “I'm going to own your soul,” she says wickedly as she hypnotizes you with her swiveling hips and bouncing bottom.

Mistress Krissy looms tall over pathetic slave Matty as he's shackled to her bed. She sits on his face, masturbating while she SMOTHERS him. His struggle for oxygen excites her. She sensuously fondles her big tits and moans in ecstasy. “Your fucking face is mine!” she cries as she orgasms.

She orders him to stick out his tongue so she can bounce her asshole on it. Then she grinds hard on his mouth, fucks his face brutally. She pinches his nipples until he screams. Her body quakes wildly as she cums again and again.

She proceeds to make him lick her feet, then TIT SMOTHER him and whip his face with her big breasts. But she's so insatiable, she soon needs his tongue back in her anus and pussy. She face rides him, the SIDE-SADDLE FACESITS him until she cums even more.


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