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Lesbian Brazilian Facesitting Volume 2 Downloadable version  $19.99  $9.99 


Lesbian Brazilian Facesitting Volume 2 Downloadable version

Starring Mistress Andressa, Slavegirl Lana,
Mistress Laila, Slavegirl Thatty

Directed by Romulus


Running time: 62 minutes

Non-stop girl on girl facesitting with sizzling hot Brazilian sluts.

Scene One –Blonde Brazilian Slavegirl Lana is roughly hurled onto the couch by cruel Mistress Andressa. The big titted Brazilian Dom FACESITS and REVERSE FACESITS the demure little slave with brutal intensity. She SMOTHERS her with her pussy while she masturbates, smothers her with her BOOBS while she groans in ecstasy.

Lana is ordered to the floor where Andressa commands her to lick her pussy, then lick her ass. Unhappy with the slave's performance, she crushes her under her full weight, while her head is buried in her butt.
In multiple positions, she pins the girl down under her body, denying her breath while verbally humiliating her.

She grips Lana by her hair and forces her face into her ass. She turns around and crunches Lana's head between her thighs while she struggles to lap her mistress' pussy. Lana does everything she can to please, but her devotion is rewarded with more abuse.

Scene Two – The tables are turned! In Volume 1, Thatty was the controlling mistress and little Laila was the suffering slavegirl. Now, Laila wrestles Thatty and quickly gets the upper hand... or in this case, upper pussy!

Thatty is horrified as Laila subjugates her under her crotch. She struggles desperately as Laila SMOTHERS her full weight. Her nose buries deeply first in Laila's pussy then in her ass.

Laila completely dominates Thatty, lying on top of her and crushing her face under her pelvis. Thatty begs for her to stop, but Laila mocks her. Thatty resists, but when ordered to plunge her tongue into Laila's asshole, she has no choice but to comply.

Laila continues to wrestle the enslaved wench, forcing her to perform degrading services. Laila squeezes Thatty's skull between her legs, rendering her stunned and confused. To really show her who's boss, Laila straddles her throat and chokes her to near unconsciousness with her tail bone.

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