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Facesitters in Heat - Volume 4 d/l Downloadable version  $19.99  $11.99 


Facesitters in Heat - Volume 4 d/l Downloadable version

Starring Mistress Abbey Brooks, Mistress Flower Tucci, Slave Aaron W., Slave Hugo

Directed by Romulus and Thound

Running time: 62 minutes

There's no vengeance like blonde vengeance!

Scene One – You've asked for her and now she's here in her VERY FIRST FACESITTING VIDEO!. Beautiful, busty blonde Mistress Abbey Brooks! She knows just what it takes to tease and torment, slowly revealing her tight pussy, asshole and tits for super-close POV.

Enter Slave Aaron W. who she orders to KISS AND WORSHIP HER ASS while she leans over a barstool. He greedily dives in, obeying each command to kiss her cheeks and lap her crack. Mistress Abbey then takes him to the bedroom and shackles him to the bed so she can aggressively ride his face. She bounces hard and wild, her tits flying up, down and around her chest. She grabs Aaron's head and forces it deep into her hot wet crotch.

Not content, she drags him to the bathroom for some deep ass licking while she applies her make-up. She delights in calling him a loser as he meekly obeys her wishes. She demands he thoroughly clean her asshole with his tongue and he's all to happy to do it. Then she makes him lie on his back so she can grind herself on his already abused face. She rubs her pussy while he tongues her asshole, grabs his head and forces his face deep. She orders him to lick her clit until she CUMS, screaming loudly.

Scene Two – A brand new scene with SQUIRTING SENSATION Mistress Flower Tucci!

First, a hot and sweaty POV where Flower squeezes her wet tits, masturbates and spreads her meaty pussy lips wide open for your inspection. Then we find her in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher... and unknowingly being watched through the window by Hugo the gardener. She sees him and runs outside to confront him. Furious, she grabs him by the ear and drags him into the house so she can punish him.

And what a punishment! She IMOBILIZES naked Hugo by wrapping his torso and legs in plastic food wrap, trapping his arms to his sides. As he lies helpless on the floor, she laughs at his pathetic pleas for release. She strips and slams her great big butt on his protesting face. Her wide and heavy cheeks ripple as she bounces her amazing ass on his bald head. Repeatedly she SLAPS HIS FACE with glee.

She SMOTHERS him with her pussy and laughs wickedly at the panic in his eyes and his moans for air. She lies on top of him and makes him lick her asshole. She bounces and grinds her intimate areas on his face, smashing his head into the floor. She stands over him and ferociously masturbates her sopping pussy until she explodes, SQUIRTING a massive shower all over Hugo and the floor. Then she sits on his chest and SQUIRTS AGAIN!

Finally, determined to teach him the lesson of his life, Flower COVERS HUGO'S FACE WITH PLASTIC WRAP before SMOTHERING him some more with her huge ass, totally denying him oxygen!

Full Weight aggressive and extended Facesitting and smothering with a Hot Dominant Mistress who knows how to use her ass to control and use slaves faces with to orgasm over and over with SQUIRTING during orgasms!

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