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Worship My Latina Ass Volume 2 Downloadable version  $19.99  $9.99 


Worship My Latina Ass Volume 2 Downloadable version

Starring Mistress Sandra Romaine, Mistress Jenaveve Jolie,
Slave Freddy Baxter

Directed by Thound

Running time: 60 minutes

An incredibly intense plunge into facesitting, ball-busting Latina depravity! A pain and pleasure double-header.

In Part One, Mistress Sandra Romaine starts out so quiet and innocent, you'd never guess what horror is to come. She shows off her beautiful curves and luscious dark skin; spreads her thick pussy lips and opens her asshole while whispering softly just to you.

Then it's Slave time! Slave Freddy Baxter is shackled naked to the bed and Mistress Sandra slowly taunts him, lightly tapping him with her riding crop. Soon enough, the light tapping becomes VICIOUS WHIPPING! Sandra sits her big ass down on Freddy's face, blocking his screams as she smacks his cock with the crop.

Sandra decides her slave is too noisy, so she takes off her panties and stuffs them in his mouth. Then she starts seriously brutalizing his genitals. Whipping his dick, pulling it, twisting it. She literally LIFTS HIM OFF THE BED BY HIS BALLS!!!

More facesitting, followed by gentle kissing, stroking and tit smothering just to fuck with his brain. She strokes his cock with her hands, her feet, she whispers to it. Then back to the crop, making Freddy shriek through the panties. Again she slams her butt down on his face and pulls the panties out of his mouth so his tongue can reach her anus. She messes with his mind, begging him to fuck her. He struggles to do just that, but Sandra maddeningly keeps her pussy just out of reach. Then she catches his cock in the crook of her knee and SQUEEZES UNTIL HE CRIES FOR MERCY!

Finally she decides to be nice. She unshackles him and lets him sit on the floor so he can lick her pussy and ass. But when she gets into position, she ends up STANDING ON HIS DICK! Her ass muffles his agonized screams.

Part Two is a heavenly relief from the pain. Gorgeous Mistress Jenaveve Jolie gives you an up-close POV tour of her sweet body. She spreads her cheeks and slowly bounces her ass on your face. Then she orders you to follow her bouncy butt to the bedroom.

Slave Freddy returns, but this time his cock is safe in his own hands. Jenaveve doesn't care about inflicting pain. She just wants to use him for her pleasure... even if it means suffocating him in the folds of her vulva. She rides his face, bouncing and grinding while she plays with her tits. She moans as he drives his tongue in her pussy. She groans as he darts his tongue in her asshole. She stops his breath, crushing his face under her full weight.

His licking brings her to one quick orgasm, then slowly, she builds to a final huge orgasm that shakes the bed... and will leave you shaken.

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