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Brazilian Facesitting Orgy Downloadable version  $19.99  $11.99 


Brazilian Facesitting Orgy Downloadable version

Starring Mistresses Monica and Sabrina
with slave Gino

Running time: 65 minutes

WARNING: Watching this movie may make you want to pack your bags and move to Brazil!

This is not like our other videos so please read the description thoroughly.

We have made another GIRL ON GIRL AND GIRL ON BOY facesitting ass worship SEX video and we have done it in a BIG way. Just take a look at these 2 unbelievably beautiful and sexy Brazilian women and watch how they facesit each other and then fuck the brains out of their slave Gino

We found 2 of the most beautiful girls for this video and for “Big Butt Brazilian Facesitting”. This video was filmed entirely in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Sabrina (the blonde with 36 DD’s) was in Playboy for Brazil.

This hot video begins with a great POV Tease scene with Mistresses Sabrina and Monica walking outdoors, sticking their asses in the camera and then walking back to the couch for some more hot POV ass worship.

They begin to kiss and lick each other and Sabrina starts to smother and facesit Monica and forces her to worship her ass and pussy. Hot GIRL ON GIRL FACESITTING and hot 69 action follows for several minutes. Sabrina really grinds her beautiful ass on Monica’s face sliding her pussy on her tongue back and forth moaning louder and louder. Monica slides her tongue deep into her ass and great closeups show this hot lesbian ass licking scene in great detail!

Another hot POV scene follows where the girls stick their asses out and wiggle them in front of the camera teasing you and taunting you, dancing and shaking their perfect asses. This scene is an ass man’s dream cum true. These 2 round perfect asses are meant to be worshipped and you will be falling to your knees kissing your TV screen when they shove them into the camera!

The girls are so turned on they call in their slave Gino to worship their asses now. They shove his face deep into their asses, FIGHTING OVER HIS TONGUE and calling him every bad name in the book in Portuguese! Gino tries to worship their asses equally but he can’t keep up with their demands so theyslap his face repeatedly.

Next the girls stand up next to each other and Gino buries his face deep into their asses and rims their assholes, going back from girl to girl, getting slapped when he doesn’t do it right!

A Great POV scene follows this as the camera puts you in the position of the slave as the girls shove their beautiful asses into the camera telling you to suck and worship them!

Next the girls want to use his cock for their pleasure so they begin to suck his cock at the same time for AN INCREDIBLE TWO GIRL BLOWJOB SCENE! (This has been the kind of blow job scene I have ALWAYS wanted to see from the day I knew what a blow job was. If you know of a 2 girl blow job scene like this TELL ME WHERE IT IS SO I CAN BUY THE MOVIE!). The girls suck his cock with great passion and intensity and FIGHT OVER IT, passing it back and forth between their mouths rapidly as each girl tries to take it from the other girls’ mouth! They kiss his cock, lick it and suck it passion I’ve never seen before. They each take 2 sucks each then pass it back and forth. They fight over his cock sometimes only getting one suck. This scene alone is worth the price of this tape.

After he is rock hard they take him into the bedroom for some great hot sex. They ride his cock taking turns using it to orgasm and while one girl is riding his cock the other girl is sitting on his face having her pussy worshipped. Sometimes they are slapping his face, pinching his nipples and then kissing him. They verbally humiliate him over and over while they fuck his brains out!

First Sabrina rides his cock like she is doing the Samba! The way she gyrates her pussy on his cock will blow your mind. I’ve never seen this kind of movement before. Then Monica rides his cock fast and furious. The chemistry is definitely here.

Monica has a perfect tight ass and rides his cock to a powerful orgasm then Sabrina jumps on his cock and has another orgasm. They begin to facesit and smother him while one girl is riding his cock now, grinding their pussies on his face and forcing him to lick and suck their pussies and asses! While they ride his cock andface the girls KISS EACH OTHER PASSIONATELY!

Gino just can’t take it anymore and cums all over Sabrina’s ass but he is so turned on he just keeps going, fucking Monica doggy style.

The girls stack themselves on top of each other on top of his face for some hot Double Decker Facesitting! Sabrina is on top of Monica who is giving the slave a blowjob while he is being smothered by two gorgeous asses! Watch Sabrina grind her pussy against Monica’s ass and has another loud orgasm.

Finally, the 2 girls give him another hot 2 girl blowjob and he explodes all over their faces! This blowjob scene is even better than the first!

Note from Romulus:

This is one video I have wanted to make for years and once we had the opportunity we took it. Pain and pleasure mixed with sex and 2 gorgeous Brazilian girls makes a very powerful combination and to capture this on video is a dream come true.

It took me almost 2 weeks to review this video to type this text description because I kept getting stuck during the POV scenes, then the BJ scene, then the FS scene.

One thing for sure is you will NEVER SEE BORING PORN IN A ROMAN VIDEO. In fact, one of the main reasons I started this company because I was sick and tired of all the boring porn out there. If a scene starts to become boring I immediately jump in and mix it up so the action is always changing and the porn is HOT so you can watch my movies over and over again. Plus when you mix pain with pleasure and combine it with sex as we did in this movie you are surely going to get a hot video.

The prices of our videos are a little higher than regular porn movies but wouldn’t you rather pay a little more for a movie you can watch OVER AND OVER AGAIN than just throw it in the trash after fast forwarding through it the first time? I know I would. Plus you won’t find any videos out there like this. These are unique because they contain femdom, sex, facesitting, double blowjobs and hot brazilian girls.

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