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There's Something About Mary Jane Downloadable version  $19.99  $10.99 


There's Something About Mary Jane Downloadable version

Part 1: Mistress Mary Jane and slave Bubba
Part 2: Mistress Crystal and slave Bubba

Part 1: INCREDIBLE FOOT WORSHIP AND TRAMPLING ACTION IN THIS VIDEO! Bubba’s secretary returns the following day after a party to confront him about his behavior the night before at a party by KICKING HIM IN THE BALLS, STANDING ON HIS HEAD, JUMPING ON HIM, and has him lick the dirt off the bottom of her shoes. Next watch incredible BAREFOOT TRAMPLING with INCREDIBLE POINT OF VIEWS which put YOU in the movie! Mary Jane sits down on the chair and slides her foot into bubba’s mouth and as he’s sucking on her feet, CLEANING BETWEEN THE TOES and LICKING THE SOLES OF HER FEET, you get to see closeups of her feet as the camera is only inches away! Mary Jane threatens bubba with the forcing him to come to work with panties, bra and wig on! After she is realizing Bubba actually enjoys worshipping her feet, she decides its time to JUMP ON HIM from a chair like a human trampoline over and over again until Bubba says she can be VP of the company! This is intense trampling combined with erotic sensual foot worship. Great camera angles put you there with Mary Jane as she slides her feet across the camera and putting the heel into the camera and saying “SUCK MY HEELS YOU WORM”!

In Part 2 of this video, Bubba is a school teacher who’s been flirting a little too much with one of the girls in his classes. When one of those girls mother turns out to be Mistress Crystal, Bubba wished he had chosen a different profession! When Crystal arrives at his apartment to confront him, Bubba tells her to leave which infuriates her even more! She SLAPS HIS FACE HARD repeatedly, rips off his shirt and throws Bubba down onto the ground and stomps on his chest, face and head with her high heels, verbally abusing him like there’s no tomorrow. She continually walks all over him with her heels, grinding them into his skin as he screams in agony. That doesn’t seem to bother Mistress Crystal, who is determined to teach this loser a lesson. She takes off her shoes and begins to bounce on his chest, standing full weight on his head, JUMPING UP AND DOWN ON HIS STOMACH CONTINUOUSLY until he begs for mercy! WATCH HOT EROTIC FOOT WORSHIP WITH A CLOSEUP OF CRYSTALS LOVELY FEET as Bubba worships her feet, heels and toes. Feel like YOU are the one kissing and worshipping her beautiful toes as she commands YOU to worship them!

There is some SERIOUS TRAMPLING in this video, so if you like to watch a guy get the shit beat out of him combined with EROTIC SENSUAL FOOT WORSHIP WITH CAMERA ANGLES WHICH PUT YOU IN THE MOVIE, this is the video for you!

As with all the video's by Roman Video, you get to feel like you are in the movie while the Mistresses put their feet and heels into the camera and talk directly into it, MAKING YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE THE ONE WORSHIPPING HER FEET!

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