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LESBIAN ASS LICKING VOLUME 3 Downloadable version  $19.99  $9.99 


LESBIAN ASS LICKING VOLUME 3 Downloadable version

Starring Mistress Nikki Sex, Slavegirl Calli Haze,
Mistress Anita Ferrari, Slavegirl Amanda

Approx. running time: 60 minutes

2 Sizzling Hot Scenes of 4 Hot girls in Lesbian facesitting and ass licking!

Scene One – Kneel before the lush, naked bodies of Nikki Sexxx and Calli Haze in this amazing two girl POV. Become enraptured by Nikki's huge, wobbly ass and Calli's giant, jiggly tits as Calli plunges her face into Nikki's crevice. “Come and get it,” she says as she parts the heavy buttocks for you.“Worship my pussy, sex slave,” Nikki commands as she straddles Calli's face in the bedroom. Calli mumbles her response into Nikki's thick, wet pussy lips. She licks Nikki's pierced clit and rubs her lips back and forth over the hole, making her Mistress squirm and moan. Her reward is to be SMOTHERED under Nikki's full weight. REVERSE FACESITTING follows, with Nikki bouncing her double-wide bottom all over sweet Calli's head. The size of Nikki's tanned ass dwarfs Calli's blonde head, the cheeks completely engulfing her.“Tongue Out!” Nikki commands, and Calli obediently plunges her tongue into her Mistress' asshole. “You own me,” Calli repeats endlessly as that massive ass batters her skull. Then, as she rides her face, Nikki rubs Calli's pussy until she CUMS.Mistress Nikki gets on her hands and knees, ordering Calli to worship her ass. Calli licks and kisses it all over, then sucks her asshole until her Mistress has a bed shaking ORGASM! “I love having an ass-licking lesbian slave,” she proclaims.

Scene Two – Hot Brazilian Mistress Anita Ferrari casually applies her lipstick while her slavegirl Amanda struggles to breathe under her pussy. The FULL WEIGHT FACESITTING seems more than the poor slavegirl can bear, forced to suffocate repeatedly under the black panties of the stern mistress.Anita does a gradual striptease, removing pieces of clothing while she crushes the face of her slave beneath her pussy and big butt. Slave Amanda is both turned-on and terrified as she endure this torture under Anita's crotch, gasping pitifully each time she's allowed air.Fully naked, Anita FACESITS, REVERSE FACESITS, and RIDES SIDE-SADDLE, making Amanda lick her clit and tongue her holes between moments of prolonged SMOTHERING. Just when it looks like she might be set free, Anita TIT SMOTHERS the poor girl with her sizable jugs.Even after she makes her Mistress CUM while slurping her pussy, poor Amanda gets no relief as Anita continues SMOTHERING her until blackness engulfs her as we fade out.

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