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Facesitters in Heat - volume 14 Downloadable version  $19.99  $11.99 


Facesitters in Heat - volume 14 Downloadable version

Starring Mistress Sophie Dee, Mistress Jamie Elle,
Slave Kade, Slave Vladi

Directed by Thound and Romulus

Running time: 56 minutes

Scene One – She has the body of your dreams, and now blonde bombshell Sophie Dee is your very own mistress in up-close, high-def POV. She spreads her broad ass cheeks and orders you to lick her asshole. She jiggles her massive tits in your face. “Pathetic worm” she calls you as you fail to please her.

On to slave Kade, waiting by the sofa, handcuffed and tired from a long night of serving his mistress. Sophie enters in her blue bikini, ready for more. When Kade tries to complain, she SLAPS HIS FACE HARD before slamming her butt onto his face to SMOTHER HIM.

She FACESITS, REVERSE FACESITS, and TIT SMOTHERS him while he groans and gasps from lack of oxygen. Her heavy, voluptuous body bounces and grinds on his face. She orders him to sing a song while his face is buried in her pussy. Then she kneels on the couch and orders him to WORSHIP HER ASS.

Then Kade lies on her ottoman where Sophie can straddle him. She grinds on him, nearly suffocating him under her full weight. When she allows him air, she orders him to lick and tongue fuck her asshole. He does so happily. Then he licks her clit until she CUMS.

Scene Two – Meet your new employee, Mistress Jamie Elle. Stunning in her tight red racing outfit, she spins around on a bar stool, high above you in POV. She plays peek-a-boo with her ass before ordering you to tongue fuck her asshole.

On to business: Jamie arrives at her new job and meets her rude new boss. He orders her to find a file somewhere in the chaotic mess of his office. Quickly she realizes that's just an excuse to get her to bend over in her short skirt. Soon, the mean boss can't restrain himself. He drops to his knees and grabs Jamie's ass.

She slaps him and starts to leave, but she realizes the leverage this gives her. She agrees to let him WORSHIP HER ASS if he gives her a raise. The boss mumbles his assent into her booty.

Quickly, Jamie has her boss lying on his back and is SMOTHERING him under her red panties. She starts demanding more job perks as her boss struggles for air. She strips and grinds her wet, naked pussy on his face. She FACESITS and REVERSE FACESITS the rude man until she has him begging.

She sits on his chest and strokes his little dick with her feet. When he tries to touch it himself, she slaps his hands and his dick, the plants her ass back on his face to silence his pleas. After he's finally agreed to give her everything she wants, she rides his face to orgasm.

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