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The Amazing Colossal Facesitters Downloadable version  $19.99  $11.99 


The Amazing Colossal Facesitters Downloadable version

Mistress Gianna, Mistress Olivia Saint,
Slave Boyd and Slave Baxter

Directed by Romulus and Thound

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Running time: 1 hour and 20 min.

BEWARE! If you like scrawny, bony ass little bimbos, then get far away from this video! If you don’t escape now, you may be sucked in by the gravitational pull of these two VOLUPTUOUS MISTRESSES. Real, full-bodied, demanding women at the peak of lusciousness.

Mistress Gianna has the LARGEST NATURAL TITS we’ve ever had in a Roman Video. No silicone here. These are the real McCoy! And she knows how to use them to hypnotize, enslave and smother! In POV, she puts you in your place, drives you to your knees and SHOVES HER GIANT JUGS IN YOUR FACE.

Then you crawl after her as she walks around the room, and bury your face in her ass as she spreads open for you.

Then on to the NUDE FACESITTING with Slave Boyd. She slams that meaty ass of hers on his face hard, pounding his head into the bed. She rides the poor, meek, HANDCUFFED lad forward and reverse. She stands and forces his face into her butt. She cruelly chokes him between her calves, squeezes his head between her thighs, and crushes his skull between her calves and ass.

She teases him by holding her pussy and tits out reach, before using both to suffocate him. Those HUGE NATURAL TITS dangle and sway over his face before engulfing his whole head. Then those flesh bags whack his face back and forth until he’s senseless. This is TIT SMOTHERING at its best!

Mistress Gianna rides her slave to MULTIPLE ORGASMS.

Scene Two begins with Mistress Olivia Saint already comfortably seated on the face of Slave Baxter. His head is nearly invisible under her MASSIVE ASS. Does she care that he can’t get oxygen? NO! She reads a magazine, files her nails, and calls her escort agency to tell them she won’t be coming to work.

Her slave, on the other hand, has his work cut out for him.

She grabs him by the hair and drives his face repeatedly into her pussy. When he doesn’t stick his tongue out far enough for her, she reaches into his mouth and practically pulls it out of his head.

The Slave’s tongue works her into a frenzy. She BOUNCES HER BIG BUTT up and down on his head, spreads her cheeks and forces him to lap her anus, and completely engulfs his cranium with her ass.

If that’s not close enough for you, she does the same just for you in up close POV.

That fleshy posterior jiggles and shudders as she rides her slave’s face in multiple positions and CUMS MULTIPLE TIMES. In the end, the slave is smothered unconscious.

An incredible video with 2 incredible femdom Mistresses who use their huge natural tits and ass to dominate and enslave their asslicking wimp slaves!

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