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CUCKOLD FANTASIES - VOLUME 13 - Downloadable version  $19.99  $12.99 


CUCKOLD FANTASIES - VOLUME 13 - Downloadable version

Starring Natalie Norton, Frank Towers, Jimmy

Directed by Thound

This DVD has Full Motion Menu's

Running times:
DVD and Pay Per View: 60 minutes
Members Only Extended Special Edition: 70 minutes

Beautiful, blonde, ball-breaking wife Natalie SMOTHERS her wimpy husband Jimmy under her sizzling pussy. She grabs his hair and forces his head into her crotch, demanding that he do a better job of pleasing her. When he continues to fail her, she brutally abuses his CHASTITY DEVICE trapped penis, causing him to whimper pitifully.

But Natalie is all out of pity and orders her husband to call her lover and ask him to come over. Soon Frank Towers is knocking on the door.

Despite Jimmy's meek protests, Natalie drops to her knees and whips out Frank's enormous cock. “This is a real man,” she tells Jimmy just before she vacuums it into her hungry mouth. Jimmy tells her that she's made her point and he'll try harder to please her, but she and Frank only laugh and make fun of him.

Natalie orders Jimmy to come closer and get on his knees. She grabs his head so Frank can SLAP HIM WITH HIS COCK. Jimmy struggles to get away, but his wife is clearly much stronger and totally in command. SHE ORDERS HIM TO SUCK FRANK'S COCK and, despite his attempts to escape, Jimmy's mouth is soon filled with a huge, burning erection. Natalie shoves Jimmy's head forward as Frank thrusts hard and fast in poor Jimmy's mouth. “DEEP THROAT IT!” she orders, and Jimmy gags as Frank's cock plunges all the way down his throat.

Natalie's pussy can no longer wait. Frank sits and Natalie climbs on board. Humiliated Jimmy cannot even offer up a protest as he WATCHES HIS WIFE FUCK THIS SUPERIOR MAN right in front of him. She commands that he kiss her feet, and he complies. She commands that he kiss her ass and he complies. She calls him a pathetic loser, tells him to praise Frank's cock... and he complies.

She makes Jimmy lie under her while Frank fucks her, first on the hard floor, then on the couch. Frank CUMS IN AND ON NATALIE'S PUSSY and she orders Jimmy to LICK IT UP! He offers feeble resistance before she shoves his face into the thick, gooey mess. By the time Jimmy finishes slurping it up, Frank has regained his erection and is ready for more.

Natalie kneels on him while she gives Frank an amazing BLOWJOB. Seen from multiple angles, including Jimmy's floor level POV, Frank's cock seems gigantic as he face-fucks Natalie. He CUMS again, filling her pretty mouth... but it doesn't stay there. She leans over her husband and SPITS IT INTO HIS MOUTH for a great SNOWBALL Scene!

Then to the bedroom for more fucking. Jimmy is made to worship her feet and ass, as well as LICK FRANK'S BALLS! While Frank fucks Natalie doggy-style, Jimmy lies beneath them, licking her clit and Frank's thrusting dick. When he cums again, JIMMY MUST SUCK THE SEMEN DIRECTLY FROM FRANK'S COCK!

Insatiable Natalie uses her mouth to again restore Frank's cock to hardness, but so her pussy isn't neglected, she makes Jimmy fuck her... with a FACE DILDO! Frank ruthless makes fun of Jimmy as he struggles to service his wife.

But the dildo is no substitute for a real man's cock, and once again Frank is plunging into Natalie while Jimmy lies beneath them, his face under her ass. Again Frank explodes and again (after some nasty POV taunting) Jimmy gobbles up the sperm. “You're beginning to like the taste of cum, aren't you?” Natalie asks, and Jimmy can only reply, “Yes, dear.”

With this admission, Natalie decides to release him from the CHASTITY DEVICE and allows her loser husband to jerk off and cum on her abdomen. So well has he been trained that when she tells him to lick up his own jizz, he's only too happy to do it.

5 Creampies and 5 Creampie Eating scenes!

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