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CUCKOLD FANTASIES – VOLUME 4 Downloadable version  $19.99  $9.99 


CUCKOLD FANTASIES – VOLUME 4 Downloadable version

Starring Mistress Trina Michaels, DeShaun Hayes and slave Sammy

This DVD has Full Motion Menu's

Approx. running time: 90 minutes


A full 90 minutes of MATRIMONIAL HUMILIATION and INTENSE INTERRACIAL HARDCORE ACTION!!! It’s everything you’ve come to expect from our “Cuckold Fantasies” line, but with NEW TWISTED TWISTS.

  • Wife TRINA MICHAELS convinces Husband SAMMY that her having sex with her BLACK MALE FRIEND will be good for their marriage.
  • Chastity Device – Trina locks her husband’s tiny cock into the steel device.
  • Sissy humiliation – Trina uses lipstick to write SMALL DICK SISSY LOSER on her husband’s belly.
  • Human Furniture – Trina uses Sammy as a bench as she applies her make-up and reminds him that she needs a bigger cock than he can provide.
  • Sammy gets a sexy dress for Trina and helps her put it on.
  • Tease and Denial, and Verbal Humiliation – Trina teases her husband with her ass and pussy before leaving to get her black friend.
  • Incredible Blowjob and Humiliation – Trina and her new lover DeShaun laugh at Sammy and force him to watch her Deep Throat DeShaun’s huge black cock.
  • Forced Bisexual Taunting – Trina teases Sammy with DeShaun’s big dick.
  • Penis Measurement and Personal Service– Sammy fetches a tape measure to prove that DeShaun’s cock is nine inches long, then serves them bottled water and prepares the bed for them.
  • Penis Size and Body Comparison – Hung Hardbody DeShaun and Small dick Overweight Sammy stand side by side for Trina to compare.
  • Trina forces her husband to lick and lube up her pussy for penetration.
  • Interracial Hardcore – DeShaun makes Trina scream as he fucks her missionary, doggy, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.
  • Foot Worship and Body Worship – Sammy is ordered to kiss and worship Trina’s feet, legs, tits, ass and pussy, all while DeShaun pounds her.
  • Pregnancy Humiliation – Trina and DeShaun talk about her getting pregnant and forcing Sammy to raise the bi-racial baby.
  • POV Verbal humiliation – As she’s getting fucked, Trina reminds you what a small dick sissy loser you are.
  • Cumshot – DeShaun blows a big load in and on Trina’s pussy.
  • POV Creampie – Trina shows YOU the semen leaking from her pussy and orders you to suck it out.
  • Facesitting and Smothering – Trina buries her husband in her pussy and ass.


Trina Michaels (nominated by AVN for best Female Performer in 2005) is a sizzling hot, passionate blonde with big tits and a nasty mouth. Her husband Sammy is a bloated, spineless wimp with an unbelievable small penis (not to mention he’s dressed in nylons and panties). They’re a match made in humiliation heaven.

Lying in bed, Trina tells Sammy that for the sake of their marriage, she needs a bigger cock than he can provide. And that cock is going to be black! Sammy is shocked, but because he is so desperate to keep his wife happy, he meekly agrees.

That’s all it takes for Trina’s evil side to emerge. She locks up Sammy’s dick, forces him to kneel before her, slaps his face, and launches into a barrage of VERBAL CRUELTY.

Not only does she constantly call him a SMALL DICK SISSY LOSER, not only does she make him repeat it to her, but she actually uses a lipstick to write the phrase on his rotund belly.

Sammy droops to all fours to become her living chair as she applies her make-up. Then he gets her a sexy dress and helps her put it on. She TEASES him with her pussy which he can’t satisfy. She whips her big tits across his face and smothers him in her cleavage. She makes him kiss and worship her ass. During it all, she makes him tell her how much he wants to see her get fucked by a big black stud.

Then it’s date time.

Trina brings home her black friend DeShaun Hayes who can’t keep from laughing when he meets Sammy. “This is your husband?” he says. “What a small dick loser!”

Sammy kneels and watches as Trina unleashes DeShaun’s huge, hard black cock from his pants. “This is a real man’s cock!” she tells him and forces Sammy to agree.

With lots of slurping and gagging sounds, Trina gives DeShaun an incredible blowjob, taking the entire length down her throat again and again and again.

She sends Sammy to get a tape measure for her, then uses it to show that DeShaun’s massive meat is a full NINE INCHES LONG. In comparison, she says she’d need tweezers to even hold Sammy’s dick.

In POV she teases Sammy, saying he wants to suck this big black cock with her, but she greedily denies him.

DeShaun says he’s going to make Trina pregnant. She’s happy to oblige because she’ll let Sammy take care of the interracial baby.

Sammy serves them both water, respectfully calling his wife’s lover “Sir DeShaun”, then rushes off to prepare the marital bed for them.

In the bedroom, Trina continues sucking DeShaun and humiliating her husband. She forces them to stand side by side, comparing DeShaun’s hard muscles with Sammy’s flab and comparing DeShaun’s nine inch cock with Sammy’s tiny worm of a dick. Then she makes Sammy lick her pussy and lube her up for those nine inches.

Sammy holds open her pussy as DeShaun slams his huge cock into her and makes her scream with ecstasy. She tells Sammy how much bigger and better this cock is than his, how it reaches all the way to the back of her cunt, hitting all all places Sammy’s dick could never touch.

She forces Sammy’s head down to her pussy to watch that big cock close up, then makes him kiss and worship her feet while she is getting fucked hard.

They switch to doggy style and DeShaun really throws it into her hard. Between screams and moans, Trina continues to berate Sammy. She even forces him to apologize to her pussy for not being able to satisfy it with his small dick.

The humiliation continues in POV -- Trina gets right in your face, viciously calling you a pathetic, small dick sissy loser!

More cock sucking is followed by Trina mounting DeShaun cowgirl style and forcing Sammy to lick her ass. Trina turns around and makes Sammy kiss her feet, suck her tits, lick her pussy and watch the big black bone slide in and out.

DeShaun climbs back on top for more hard plowing, making Trina SCREAM with pleasure. He roars as he shoots a huge load into and on her pussy. THIS IS REAL CUM, AND A REAL CREAM PIE. NO TRICK CAMERA WORK OR EDITING!

In nasty POV, Trina plays with the jism and tells you to lick it off her fingers and to suck it out of her pussy.

Time for Sammy to earn his keep. He dives in with real enthusiasm, lapping up every gooey drop of black man’s cum. When his tongue can’t reach deep enough, Trina sits on his face and squeezes out even more cum into his mouth. She smothers him forward and reverse dishing out more verbal abuse and humiliation. She rides his tongue and moans louder and louder.

And she promises him this won’t be last time!

In the end she throws him to the ground and makes him prepare a shower for her and her lover!

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