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2002 - A Trample Odyssey Downloadable version  $19.99  $10.99 


2002 - A Trample Odyssey Downloadable version

Starring: Part 1: Mistress Cory Lane and slave Bubba
Starring: Part 2: Mistress Tori Sinclair and slave Bubba

In Part 1 of this video, Bubba sold beautiful Mistress Cory Lane some bogus items on an online auction site and she demands a refund! When Bubba refuses, he is seduced into being Trampled by her, thinking he’s going to get something at the end of his torture. Boy is he wrong! Cory begins by standing on him with sharp high heels, walking all over him, demanding a refund. When Bubba continues to refuse, she continues to trample him, making him lick the bottoms of her high heels to clean the dirt off! She then sits down in a chair and makes him worship her shoes, sucking on the heels, licking the bottoms of the shoe and verbally abusing him while he’s cleaning with his tongue. She then takes off her shoes and begins trampling him again, telling him what a piece of crap he is for selling junk to customers online! She jumps on him repeatedly, walking all over his chest and then stands on his head with both feet!! She makes him lick and worship the bottoms of her bare feet several times, sliding her soles across his face. Finally, Bubba thinks he’s going to get his treat but Cory has other plans for him – she makes him lie down in front of a chair and begins to jump on him repeatedly going high in the air and landing flat on his stomach! She does this repeatedly and as a final gesture, she kicks him in the balls and threatens to call her friend to help her continue the torture! Great camera angles put you in the video as you look up at Cory as she slides her feet across the camera and tells you what a piece of crap you are and commands you to lick her shoes and feet! An extremely beautiful Mistress in a very hot Trample video.

In Part 2 of this video, the beautiful and sexy Tori Sinclair has her slave Bubba over to serve as a floor mat before she goes out to a party. She makes him support her in the bathroom by lying on the floor while she puts on makeup. While preparing herself, she wants weigh herself on the weight scale, but instead of standing directly on the scale, she makes Bubba put his head on it first to comfort her feet. She stands on his head on the scale and puts all her pressure on his head (several times) to make sure the reading is accurate!! After Tori finishes in the bathroom, she makes Bubba go out to the living room to continue to serve as her floor mat and begins to dress herself while standing on him. She begins dressing by putting on her bra, then mini-skirt and top, then finally her shoes. She high heel tramples him mercilessly and begins to dance on him to warm up before she goes out, telling him how much fun she is going to have tonight! Tori then makes him suck the heels and clean the dirt off her shoes! Finally, she orders him to be ready to massage her feet when she returns. When she finally does return, she finds Bubba asleep on the bed instead of where she told him to be, on the floor by the door. In her anger, she decides to use him for her pleasure and pain, and then pulls out a riding bit and harness and decides to ride him until she has a powerful screaming orgasm! Great camera angles put you in the video as you look up at Tori Sinclair as she puts on her makeup and sticks her barefeet into your face and slides her feet and high heels across the camera!

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